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Trampa de roedores o ratones

publicado por Tyded el 04/11/22

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Precio : 11,00 $

Cuidad : 43720 Hidalgo

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Easy to use: Put it in a standard 5-gallon bucket [5-gallon bucket not included]. Put food that are used for bait on top and make your mice and rats catch it.
Pet and Human Friendly: It is not a toxic trap, nor does it put any member of the family at risk. Our humane mouse trap is 100% safe.
Reusable and Automatic: Not disposable product. You can use our flip and slide lid mouse trap repeatedly without having to throw it away.
Wide range of applications: Resistant and respectful with the environment. You can use it inside, outside, in the garden or anywhere else you want.
Practicability: Ability to catch small mice and medium rats.

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